Ari Eisenberg

Ari was born in San Diego and raised in Nepal, Barbados, Ecuador, Peru, and the Washington, DC area. He double majored in philosophy and Spanish at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ari had asthma as a child and he avoided sports, because they exacerbated the symptoms. When he took his first hot yoga class in 2010, it was challenging, but he immediately noticed some of the beneficial effects of yoga practice. From then on, he knew that he had found an activity he loved and would practice forever.

Ari attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. The training was a transformative experience, and he has taught and practiced hot yoga consistently ever since. He also has participated in the USA Yoga championships on the National level every year since 2013.

Ari loves to travel, read, meditate, attend concerts, and make art. He co-owned Bikram Yoga Durham in North Carolina for a time, then he became a traveling teacher. He has taught hot yoga in North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, California, Oregon, and Mexico.

Ari also teaches Yin yoga, a form of restorative yoga that combines traditional Indian yoga tradition with principles of Chinese medicine. Ari's Yin class is meditative and super relaxing.

Ari loves yoga because it goes beyond exercise; it unites the mind, body, and the soul, through the power of the breath.