Eleni Daskalakis

Eleni currently teaches our Hot Barre and HIIT The Weights classes. Starting in February, she'll also begin teaching Inferno Pilates.

Eleni graduated from DePaul University with a BA in Accounting. She spent several years working in the corporate world but knew that sitting behind a desk wasn't quite the right fit for her - getting home and getting to the gym were far more satisfying. Upon having children, Eleni left the corporate world but continued to make fitness an important and enjoyable part of her life. Although raising children is her favorite job, working in the fitness industry was a natural calling - friends, acquaintances, and fellow gym goers would always ask her questions about working out, fitness, and nutrition.

In 2016, Eleni became a certified personal trainer. Not long afterwards, she became certified to teach Hot Barre and joined the Sweat Junkie team. She then created our HIIT The Weights class and continues to expand her knowledge and experience in the industry.

If you ask her, she'll tell you that her favorite thing about teaching is the feeling of positive energy of the students in class and the realization of their own strength. They motivate her to motivate them. She looks forward to seeing their hard work, results, smiles, and sweat!