Emily Tong Shebert

Originally born in Taipei, Emily’s father, her two brothers, and herself immigrated from Taiwan to the United states when she was just three years of age. Her father came in search of better opportunities for himself and his children. It wasn’t easy. She watched her father work long, hard hours while her brothers and herself struggled to learn a new language, make new friends, and adapt to a new culture.

As time went on, Emily learned of the value of hard work from her father’s efforts. Starting as a busboy, her father made his way through the ranks of the restaurant business to head chef. Then, ultimately, opening his own restaurant. It was then Emily learned another valuable lesson through her father’s efforts - that of perseverance. Her father’s restaurant failed soon after it had opened. With much persistence, determination, and courage, he opened a second restaurant that went on to be a great success.

By putting hard work and perseverance to work for herself, Emily learned perfect English, has made life long friends, and eventually graduated from Northern Illinois University’s Business School. Further, professionally accumulating a number of sales awards from both Nextel and Research in Motion.

Fitness became Emily’s outlet after long days of work. It was her way to relieve stress, stay fit, and increase strength and endurance. Around the age of 24, Emily developed what she thought was minor aches and pains in her lumbar region. Shortly after, the pain traveled to her upper back then to her cervical spine region. She sought out all sorts of treatments, including different exercises, chiropractors, acupuncturists, holistic doctors and pain specialists, all of which came up far short of treating the pain. A friend recommended hot yoga as way to relieve what now seemed to be chronic pain. It was definitely a love-hate relationship. The postures were difficult and nothing like she had ever been exposed to; however, it inarguably helped with the pain After two months of hot yoga 4 times a week, she was hooked. A hot yoga junkie some would say.

After three years of regular practice, and knowing what yoga had done for her both physically and mentally, Emily decided to leave the corporate world and teach yoga. In 2008, Emily attended Bikram yoga teacher training and has never looked back. In the years since, Emily married, has had two children, and launched a small jewelry business. Additionally, she has become certified in teaching Hot Pilates.

Currently, Emily teaches the 90 minute and 60 minute Beginner’s Bikram Yoga class and Hot Pilates. When she is not teaching, she is fulfilling jewelry orders, coming up with new designs, and playing the most important roles of mom, wife, daughter, and friend.