Nick DeCesare

Nick attended his first Bikram yoga class while living in Pittsburgh in 2014. He loved it from the very beginning, having come from a background of a lifetime of sports, weightlifting and physical activity. He practiced intermittently for about a year and a half before moving to Chicago in 2016, where, after a little time off from yoga, he reconnected with his practice and hasn't looked back since. He knew he wanted to make the practice a deeper, more central part of his life, so he attended Yoga Factory teacher training in 2018 and has been teaching full time ever since.

Nick also has experience and success in the USA Yoga Asana championships, having placed 1st in the state of Illinois in 2017, 1st at the Southern States Regional in 2018 and 5th at USA Yoga Nationals in 2018, earning him an invitation to the International Asana Championships in 2018. Although the concept of yoga competition presents a true paradox, there are many valuable things Nick has gained from it, not the least of them being the wonderful nationwide community of yoga practitioners who come together to support each other on the stage.

Overall, Nick views his role as a yoga teacher as a role of service, hoping to positively impact and encourage everyone that walks into the room and hold the space necessary for the amazing healing effects of Bikram yoga to make themselves known to each practitioner. He considers Mary Jarvis and Esak Garcia to be his main influences from a teaching standpoint, and as Mary always says, 'All you need to do yoga is a spine!' Nick hopes to carry that message forward in his teaching and let every student know that this yoga is for them!